Prediction for Best Animated Film


Big Hero 6
The Boxtrolls
How to Train Your Dragon 2*
Song of the Sea
The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Superstar Rajinikanth To Romance Aishwarya Rai For The Second Time?

According to the latest report from sources close to director Shankar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan might once again be roped in as Rajinikanth's leading lady in Enthiran 2. Both Shankar and Rajinikanth are in talks to materialize Enthiran 2 and looks like the director wants to retain the original heroine in the sequel as well. The main reason behind this move is to get maximum out of the movie from North India as well reveal sources. Initially there were plans of roping in a leading heroine from Bollywood but since Aishwarya has once again started to act in movies the I director wants to retain the original pair which worked well in Enthiran.


Also to justify the fact that Shankar wants Enthiran 2 to have a major impact among North Indian audience, plans of roping in Aamir Khan is still very strong, confirmed an insider. What kind of role is designed for Aamir Khan is not yet revealed. It is also said that Enthiran 2 will have grander visuals in the second half than the first half to make sure the audience leave the cinema halls with utter satisfaction. Official confirmation from either Shankar or Rajinikanth can be expected soon. After the humongous success of I  it can be expected that Shankar will come up with an extraordinary film in Enthiran 2. If the speculated cast which involves Superstar Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai and Aamir Khan becomes true, then Enthiran 2 might well become the biggest Indian film ever in terms of anticipation and box office collections

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Oscars 2015: Predictions for Best Original Score

This year's Oscar nomination in the Best Original Score category will see veterans Hans Zimmer (Interstellar) and Alexandre Desplat (with double nomination for The Imitation Game and The Grand Budapest Hotel) up against first time nominees Gary Yershon (Mr Turner), Jóhann Jóhannsson (The Theory of Everything)

Unlike Bollywood, where we sometimes judge movies solely based on its music, Hollywood has always struggled with the debate of whether music should be front and centre like other aspects of filmmaking or melt in the background. Any Hollywood composer will tell you they don't want their creation to get lost in the crowd. Music provides emotion to narrative. It is important to convey the meaning where in the frame you can only see the characters with no dialogues. Music is important to bridge the gap between cinematography and screenplay.In this year's nomination, four period pieces and one futuristic score are competing in the Best Original Score category. Double nominee Alexandre Desplat (The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Imitation Game) and veteran Hans Zimmer (Interstellar) are up against first time nominees Gary Yershon (Mr Turner) and Jóhann Jóhannsson (The Theory of Everything). As usual Academy snubs to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Gone Girl), Marco Beltrami (The Homesman), Howard Shore (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies) and James Newton Howard (Nightcrawler) were a bit surprising. AR Rehman didn't make the cut despite composing scores for three films that made it to the longlist for this category.

Let's have a look at the nominees—

Alexandre Desplat —The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Imitation Game
Hans Zimmer — Interstellar
Gary Yershon — Mr Turner
Johann Johannson — The Theory of Everything

Alexandre Desplat — The Imitation Game and The Grand Budapest Hotel

This is the Frenchman's seventh nomination with double nominations this year. Desplat has scored music for commercially successful and critically acclaimed films like The King's Speech, The Queen and Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows Part 1 & 2. 2014 has been a phenomenal year for the composer with The Monument's Men, Unbroken and Godzilla in addition to the nominated movies.

Let's talk about The Imitation Game score. Desplat has used a 60 piece orchestra and relied heavily on piano and celeste harp to underline the fact that Turing was way ahead of his time. This is why even though the music sounds conservative, it's not stuck in that period.

Desplat prefers fast arpeggios to highlight the race against time these geniuses have embarked upon. Not to mention that that is exactly what the composer himself was doing as he came on board just three weeks before the movie was up for post-production. The music never lets you forget that it is a film about the man and not the war. The music is character driven and you realise this when you hear 'Christopher's Theme'.

This is the most traditional score on the nominee list this year.
For The Grand Budapest Hotel, Desplat goes for heavy use of the three-stringed Russian instrument Balalaika, the Greek string instrument Bouzoukis (from the mandolin family), and the Spanish guitar. It's beautiful work with the European strings family, and speaks of the glorious and colourful past of East Europe which director Wes Anderson tried to capture in the film's cinematography too. Wes Anderson and Desplat have worked on Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom before. One can easily spot the similarity in the tone of music here. All these movies, including The Grand Budapest Hotel, are melancholic but laced with humour.

Desplat has already bagged a Grammy and a BAFTA this year. The Grand Budapest Hotel is my favourite to win the race.

Hans Zimmer — Interstellar

After the Batman series and Inception, Zimmer and Christopher Nolan collaborated for this space adventure. Hans Zimmer is a big name in Hollywood's music scene. But with the exception of The Lion King, he has failed to bag an Academy Award despite being nominated 9 times before.

For Interstellar, Zimmer only had a piece of paper which Nolan gave him, talking about the relationship between a father and child. Zimmer described it as a delicious project and worked in parallel with Nolan as he wrote the script and shot the film. The best part of Interstellar's music is the use of pipe organs. Zimmer went back in time to create music of the future. Organs accompanied with strings, woodwinds and piano tell the story of a parent looking for a safe heaven for his daughter.

Gary Yershon — Mr Turner

Yershon is associated with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He is a veteran of English theatre and that shows in his choice of using Saxophone quartet to convey Turner's character traits throughout the movie. Mike Leigh and Yershon have worked together on Topsy-Turvy, Another Year and now Mr Turner.

Even thought the film is about a British painter in a very British town Margate, with the characters played by Brits and created by Brits, the music is not British at all. It is not conservative. It focuses on Turner's personality rather than giving an insight into his thoughts. The painter's grunts, sound of hooves of horses, brushstrokes on canvas all get beautifully mixed with the score to help you understand who Turner is!

The end credit score sums it all up for you. Listen...

This is Yershon's first Academy nomination.

Jóhann Jóhannsson — The Theory of Everything

Bagging the Golden Globes this year Jóhann Jóhannsson has become a strong contender to get the Academy nod this year. The use of electronica in the period pieces is one of the most striking aspects of his score for The Theory of Everything. Jóhannsson relies on a 70 piece orchestra, piano and cristal baschet to make you flow with the emotions of characters.

One can easily spot how Jóhannsson found inspirations in Hawking's equation. The track Cambridge starts small and the blossoms into a big bang! This sets the tone for the entire score.
Music for The Theory of Everything is focused on the emotions and struggles of the characters.

Our Prediction: This is Alexandre Desplat's to lose. Though Jóhann Jóhannsson comes close with his Golden globes win, Desplat's double nomination and amazing score for The Grand Budapest Hotel should end the awards drought for him.

Music fills the silence, it gives gravitas to the expressions, and amplifies the emotion an audience should feel in the theatre. These maestros have successfully done that to grab your attention.

Winner in 2014:  Steven Price for Gravity

'Fifty Shades of Grey' tops weekend box office with $81.7 million

Fifty Shades got a boost from a Valentine's Day opening after it was released earlier in the week in 57 foreign markets. It took in an additional $158 million overseas, for a global total of $240 million.Fifty Shades of Grey, the widely anticipated adaptation of the best-selling novel about a kinky relationship between a businessman and a college student, took in $81.7 million in ticket sales to soar to the top of US and Canadian weekend box office charts. The film, which stars James Dornan and Dakota Johnson as the libidinous couple, far outpaced the No. 2 release, Kingsman: The Secret Service, which took in $35.6 million from Friday through Sunday, according to studio estimates. Third place on the US Presidents' Day holiday weekend went to the family-friendly The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, based on the popular television show about a talking animated sponge, which sold $30.5 million in tickets at US and Canadian theaters.

Fifty Shades got a boost from a Valentine's Day opening after it was released earlier in the week in 57 foreign markets. It took in an additional $158 million overseas, for a global total of $240 million. Early US screenings on Thursday night brought in $8.6 million, setting the scene for a record-breaking opening for any Presidents' Day weekend. Nick Carpou, president of domestic distribution for Universal Pictures, the Comcast Corp. Unit that released the film, said a combination of Valentine's Day, a long holiday weekend and intense interest from smaller and mid-sized markets all helped drive the record numbers.

Pre-sale figures in southern states such as Mississippi and Kentucky reflected especially high interest. Sales in the northeast, being pummeled by another big winter storm, as well as in the south-central regions of the country, exceeded what might have been expected, Carpou said. Kingsman, an adaptation of a popular comic series starring Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Firth about a spy agency's training program and a global threat by a tech genius, received solid reviews and exceeded industry forecasts.

Rounding out the top five, the box office hit American Sniper took in $16.4 million, bringing its domestic haul to just over $304 million and making it one of the biggest hits of 2014-15. The Clint Eastwood-directed film is nominated for six Oscars, including one for Bradley Cooper as best actor. The sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending was fifth with $9.4 million. Kingsman: The Secret Service was released by 20th Century Fox, a unit of 21st Century Fox. The SpongeBob Movie was distributed by Paramount Pictures, a unit of Viacom Inc . American Sniper and Jupiter Ascending were released by Warner Brothers, a unit of Time Warner Inc.


13 Countries Where You Can Get The Most Bang For Your Rupee

Indian rupee will make you feel like Ambani in these 13 countries!

1. Belarus

 2. Bolivia

3. Cambodia

 4. Costa Rica

 5. Hungary

6. Iceland

7. Indonesia

8. Mongolia

9. Nepal

10. Pakistan

11. Paraguay

12. Sri Lanka

13. Vietnam

All about war in 2015

If 2014, was the year of Biblicals, 2015 could see the return of war movies in Hollywood. The Clint Eastwood-directed war drama American Sniper has already racked up massive $90.2 million in its opening week to set a record for January. And while the film has been raking in the moolah, it has also managed to force Hollywood celebs to take sides. With the likes of Jane Fonda, Seth Rogan and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore speaking for and against it. Becoming a talking point the film has racked up six Oscar nominations—including Best Picture, and while it continues its dream run, we look at four other war movies that are set to release this year.

Little Boy
Plot: An inspirational story of a seven-year old boy who is willing to do anything to end World War II so he can bring his father home. Exploring the love and the strong bond between a father and his son.
Release date: Feb 27

Killer Crow
Plot: Quentin Tarantino said that this movie is going to be a kid-brother of Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained. So going by that we can expect a war flick set in World War time.
Release date: December

Code Name: Johnny Walker
Plot: This film tells the story of Iraqi translator "Johnny Walker," who risked his life working with the Navy SEALs to save American lives, and how this endangered his life and the lives of people close to him.
Release date: To be declared (TBD)

The Taliban Shuffle
Plot: Base on a 2011 memoir by international journalist Kim Barker about her experiences reporting in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Release Date: TBD

The biggest war time hits in Hollywood

Saving Private Ryan $216,540,909
Pearl Harbor $198,542,554
Captain America: The First Avenger $176,654,505
Inglourious Basterds $120,540,719
Unbroken $109,364,895
Schindler's List 96,065,768
Fury (2014) $85,817,906
Valkyrie $83,077,833
The Monuments Men $78,031,620
U-571 $77,122,415

Aamir Khan's 'PK' to release in China

Aamir Khan's blockbuster hit PK is expected to release in China which has emerged as a major box office earner in recent years rivalling Hollywood and Bollywood. An agreement for the release of the Chinese version is due to be signed in Beijing in the next three days making it perhaps the first Indian film to get a release in China this year.

There are expectations that Beijing may permit more Indian films considering the improvement in relations, especially on the cultural front between the two countries. Currently only 34 foreign films are permitted in China every year. Most of that quota is grabbed by top Hollywood films.

An agreement for the release of the PK was expected to be signed in Beijing next week. Aamir is perhaps the most well known of Indian film stars in China in recent years as his previous film 3 Idiots was a massive success in China.

The Chinese patrons of the film expect PK to replicate the success of 3 Idiots which resonated well with the audience there. PK is getting released at a time when India is trying to carve out a bigger space in China's lucrative film industry which raked up USD 4.84 billion in box office revenue last year. China has built 1,015 cinemas and added 5,397 screens last year, bringing the total number of screens to 23,600.

Officials say there is a favourable environment between the two countries as Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and TV, (SAPPRFT) signed an agreement during Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to India last year to allow joint productions with joint investments.

After that, prominent film production firms of India and China announced their first joint venture to produce a new co-production called Kung Fu Yoga which was expected to feature top films actors like Jackie Chan.

I Movie Review

Shankar's I, One of the most awaited movies hit theatres today, Shankar's I Review, Rating. Before we tell you why the movie is a must watch, let's take a look at the production crew.

Directed by    Shankar

Produced by    V. Ravichandran, D. Ramesh Babu

Written by    Shankar, Subha

Starring   Vikram, Amy Jackson

Music by    A.R. Rahman

Cinematography    P. C. Sreeram

Edited by    Llewellyn Anthony Gonsalves

Production company  Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd

Distributed by    Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd

Release Date : Jan 14 2015

Rating: 4.25/5

About the Movie:

I, the most expected film of the year, after postponing the movie several times, this science fiction romantic thriller film finally made it to the silver screen. I is produced and distributed by V. Ravichandran under his production company, Aascar Films. The film was scripted and directed by Shankar and features Vikram and Amy Jackson leading an ensemble cast which include Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel, Santhanam and Ramkumar Ganesan portraying pivotal roles.

Vikram plays the character called 'Lingesan', who considers Arnold Schwarzenegger as a role model and his only aim in life is to win the Mr. Tamil Nadu title.


I movie story about a muscle man, true love, virus. It’s all starts about Lingesan (Vikram), a bodybuilder son of a Gym owner, Santhanam as Gym Trainee. Later on he wins Mr. Tamil Nadu tiltle. 

His competitor villain number one (Ravi) makes Linges tend to be crazy about Diya (Amy), an advertisement model. Diya had problem with her co-model John, he made sexual harassment. 

Since Diya denied and ignored him, villain number two (John) crushed her carrier and all her advertisement chance lost. She only had last advertisement to complete to make her come back and survive in modelling and advertisement field. Before that Santhanam made Linges met Diya for the first time in shooting spot, since John made her lost all her chances, Diya decided to call Linges to be her Model and do advertisement in China. 

He sacrifices his dream Mr. India for her and moves to China. Ad shoot starts there and director thinks Linges can do well in romance scene, so the director made Diya lied to Linges that she is in love with him. Here comes the Pookaley song (Visual Treat). 

Linges’s makeup artist, a transgender Osma Jasmine (third villain) fall for Vikram, but Linges in love with Diya. Osma revealed the truth about Diya’s fake love and made Linges broke apart, but before the shooting over Diya truly falls in love with Linges. This made John and Osma really mad and they tried to kill him in china, but fails. Diya and Linges combo for ad made huge success and his company product sale doubled. John lost all his chances and pushed to do cheap ads. Here comes the fourth villain the Owner of the ad company and product owner wanted linges to act in his Juice product Linges denied the offer because it was unhealthy product and he accidently gave an interview to public and said the same in media, this made huge loss for the company. Fourth villain and fifth mystery villain joined together to hunt Linges. They injected a H4N1 virus to his body, the virus is so called ‘I’. Diya and Linges marriage preparation was on but Linges turns into hunch back slowly, loses his teeth, hair and got ugly look. The family doctor of Diya Vasudevan (Suresh Gopi) treated Linges but failed. 

Then Linges hide himself and stopped the wedding and made people to believe that, he is death. Later Diya’s mother made Diya to marry Vasudevan. By the time other Nuero doctor who examine linges with the help of Santhanam get to know about the virus in his body and told Linges that the virus can curable and also about the real face of Vasudevan. 

Vasudevan was the fifth villain; he is the one Injected virus into his body. Here goes Linges kidnapped Diya to avoid get married with Vasudevan, but Diya thought Linges was dead and she can’t recognize Linges with hunchback. 

What happens next? is rest of the interesting story to be watched in the big screen.


Vikram keeps a lot of effort to give 100% to his character. He has given his best in whatever he does. Vikram suited for all the get-ups a long haired thick moustached body builder, a handsome hunk, a burly beast and a violent hunchback with an ugly face. 

Amy Jackson does not have a challenging role but she is glamorous in the film. She performed well, although it is her Tamil debut. Remaining cast of the film is perfect in their respective roles.

Plus Points
1.Vikram’s outstanding performance 
2.Amy Jackson glamour 
3.Stunts and Visuals 
4.Music and BGM 

Minus Points: 
Second half moves at slow pace 

The concept and Vikram’s multiple get-ups with world-class technical elements are promising and give a fresh experience and wholesome entertainment. The director Shankar has roped in some international personalities to choreograph the action scenes. Hair raising sequences are involved in ‘I’ movie. 

Verdict:  Shankar’s ‘I’ movie is must watch film… The best film in the history of Indian Cinema!
Rating: 4.25/5

Uthama Villain Leaked Trailer | Kamal Hassan, Andrea, K. Balachander

Uthama Villain Leaked Trailer | Kamal Hassan, Andrea, K. Balachander

Uthama Villain is an upcoming tri-lingual film starring Kamal Haasan, Jayaram and Pooja Kumar in lead roles which will be filmed simultaneously in Tamil

Looks like audiences will soon get a glimpse of the much awaited Kamal Haasan movie "Uthama Villain".

Yennai Arindhaal release Postponed

Ajith’s Yennai Arindhaal which was scheduled for Pongal earlier is Postponed to January 29th. Sources said that AM Ratnam had a discussion with Movie business people  and Some Distributors  yesterday and then he has come to a conclusion to postpone it .
AM Ratnam officially stated as ” Yennai Arindhaal Post production is still going on .  Some works are to left to be done . So we decided to release it on January 29 ” .
So far, I and Aambala are confirmed for Pongal . Kaakisattai and Komban are yet to give a confirmation.


Yennai Arindhaal Official Trailer | Ajith, Trisha, Anushka | Harris Jayaraj