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Lingaa is directed by K S Ravikumar who has earlier worked with the Superstar in Muthu and Padaiyappa. He also helped Soundarya in the making of Kochadaiyaan. Lingaa is produced by Rockline Venkatesh who is supposed to be a close friend of Rajni himself. As in most of his recent films, music is by A R Rahman.

Other big names include Rathnavelu for DOP and Sabu Cyril who managed the Art and Production Designs. There are several Lingaa stories which were making the rounds and many claims made over the story as well. One story goes like this - There is a village which obstructs the construction of a dam based on some old beliefs/customs.

The dam is constructed by none other than Rajni ..but somehow the villagers along with one of their leaders succeed in stopping the construction. Then comes another Rajni ..who swap places with the Engineer Rajni and ensures the dam is constructed by removing the bottlenecks and changing the beliefs of the villagers (heard somewhere? yes, its similar to Kaththi story line but the makers of Lingaa rubbished the claims.

The other story goes like this..... Father Rajni (in 1940's) convinces a village and decide to build a dam over a river for their benefit. However, he faces opposition from the British and a King (who supports the British). Inspite of trying hard he fails in his attempt and is killed by the Villain. Entry of young Rajini.... who is a businessman and travels to every part of the world.....he comes back to his village.

He comes across the unfinished dam and several untoward incidents and stories about the the dam... basis which the villagers think the unfinished dam and the river had bought them some curse. How the young Rajni puts an end to all these issues and also takes revenge of his fathers killer form the rest of the film. (Again heard somewhere.....yes, this is the typical Superstar template). You just need to change the heroines and the setup. This time its Sonakshi for the old Rajni and Anushka for the young Rajni and the entire film is setup in Karnataka.

Technically the film is brilliant and very rich. The sets are huge and is unbelievable how K S Ravikumar managed this in very short span of time. Cinematography is top notch and the brown tint given to the period scenes are excellent.Music and background score by Rahman elevates the film - Mona Gasolina is already topping all charts. Oh Nanbaa is shot stylishly and guess its the first time Superstar's intro song is shot in foreign locations. The heroines don't have a big role....unlike some of Rajni's recent films. There is a huge list of supporting actors as in every Rajni film and they perform their part well. Jagapathy Babu menaces in the villain role and stands toll against Rajni's character to the extent that you will end up hating him.

The entire film rests on one person - The Superstar. He looks dashing in his suits and looks trim and fit as ever. The scenes where is takes on the British and speaks English will create goosebumps for his fans. There are enough style shots, punch dialogues and typical Rajni comedy in the film to satisfy the fan base. Though Santhanam and Karunakaran are roped in as comedians, its Rajni who makes you smile, laugh and enjoy the scenes in the first half.

Stunts are choreographed well but some scenes look very evident that its done by someone else and not Rajni himself. But how much can we expect from him? On the negative the films is too long even for a Rajni film.....a little bit of trimming could do wonders. While the story seem to be very similar to earlier Rajni films, KS Ravikumar has packaged it differently and set it up nicely in the pre-independence era and present.

The screenplay is taut and zooms past you like a bullet in the second half. But does the story really matter to us? Nopes. All we want is to see is the Superstar in his full speed and action and undefeated style blazing the screens and KS Ravikumar has delivered exactly the same.

Overall Lingaa - Satisfied & Good

Rating   -  7.5/10


  1. dei loosu kaththi story line -a edo padatha pathaa madri kadai vidra

  2. idula original review - unakku matum potti potu kamchangala

  3. Nice and elaborated movie review, I am goonna book ticket

  4. நா படம் பாத்துட்டு கமெண்ட் போடறேன் ..இருத்தலும் விமர்சனம் நல்லா இருக்கு !!

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